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Me Robert Francis Montreal Criminal Lawyer

Top Montreal Criminal Lawyer - Me Robert Francis has been practicing law in Montreal for over 30 years, he will be very assertive and combative in your Criminal Defense. He has pleaded many cases of national interest. Defends clients with conviction and assurance. Proven competence in several high profile cases. Personalized and courteous service, 24/7 contact with clients. Experienced litigator, successfully completed hundreds of cases of medium to high complexity. Successfully argued cases in the Appeals Court of Quebec as well as the Supreme Court of Canada. Considerable experience in settlement and mediation.

Criminal Law

Criminal and penal law (shoplifting, assaults, breaking and entering, drug trafficking and exportation of drugs, illegal cigarette traffic, family violence, death threats, possesion of criminally obtained goods,etc.)

Traffic Violations

A traffic ticket can cause fines, demerit points, suspension of your driving privileges and even jail. We assist with all traffic tickets and motor vehicle related charges issued under the Highway Traffic Act, Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, Liquor Licence Act or Criminal Code of Canada in the Province of Quebec. Robert Francis is an experienced lawyer, when it comes to traffic violations of any kind.

Out of Court Settlement

Me Robert Francis has extensive experience in out of court settlements.